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Greetings, I recently wanted to try my hand at the LE versions and recently ran into an issue, and I'm hoping someone can help. First off, let me say that I do have several mods loaded. After going to the Citadel the first time, I try and start to go to Menae around Palaven, and it's not there. I have no idea where it is. Now, I went and searched google for any ideas or reported issues, and found on reddit that it could be the Expanded Galaxy Mod. ( https://www.reddit.c...omment/ieq9cf4/ ) Well, I tried to delete it, restarted the career, got back to Palaven, no Menae. I reinstalled it, started again, and still nothing. Below, I'll list what mods I have installed,

Admiral Daro'Xen Restored 1.0

Anderson's Final Conversation Restored 1.0.1

Aria Outfit for FemShep 1.0

Audemus' Happy Ending Mod 1.1

Catsuits for FemShep 1.0

Dreams-Wear Casuals or Move Faster 1.0

Expanded Galaxy Mod 0.73

Immersive Emails 1.2

LE3 Community Patch & Framework 1.6.1

No Reapers and Max Scan Range 1.0

Omega Interrupt for All Classes 1.0

Security Scan Skip 1.0

Spectre Expansion Mod

I am able to do both Cerberus and the Eden Prime missions with no problem, but am totally at a loss for progression. Thank you in advance for any and all help.

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