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Hey guys, I realize this community is still pretty small so I figured I'd stir up whatever I could with this game.


This is a list of Mods I would love to see:

- Mods that offer new Head accessories.
In particular, more stuff like helmets, hoods, masks, etc. Stuff that isn't so cute and bubbly. Lets face it, the accessories are so bad, the community fix was for a mod to hide all head items.

- Mods that give way more outfits as an option to both your MC and the NPCs.
I'm talking new model and textures, not just recoloring.

- Mods that make changes to Monsters.
My thoughts go to Variants or "Shiny" version like Pokemon, that are more of a rare chance encounter. This and any other creative tweaks people could think of to improve their functionality.

That was literally the worst decision the creators of RF5 made. Why make these characters THAT AESTHETIC and not have them be an option?!
(This one is my top request. Please for the love of god, someone make this a reality. lol)

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