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Mod Suggestions from someone who doesn't make mods


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Just a few ideas to make Cyberpunk truly immersive for RP'ers


Disclaimer: these are just suggestions from a lowly pleb who has no clue how to mod and doesnt have time to learn, and understands that some suggestions may be unrealistic with the resources provided. Some may already exist as well so feel free to let me know! But I truly believe this game could become the next "skyrim" when it comes to immersive RPG's that live forever thanks to mods.


- sit anywhere (chairs, benches, stools, etc)

- smoke anywhere

- actually eat/drink at kiosks/vendors w/animations

- drivable and livable RV (with interactables inside like sleeping and watching tv)

- more neon. Not brighter neon. Lots more of it

- I'd totally love more ads. Even if their from GTA or something, just a larger variety would be amazing.

- Snowy weather (pretty sure this one is one thats probably not possible but just thought I'd add it)

- real customizable companions (with skills, gear and backstory options)

- more rooms with unlocked doors. even if not much is inside but some components and food. I get that a locked door could be someone who actually locked it, but a lot of them are clearly shops/stores that once you clip through, theres nothing there.

- super markets

- gas stations

- cars need gas

- GTAV style phone

- clean/dirty (make use of showers-wash off blood dirt, maybe even add NPC dialogue that comments on how you look/smell)

- real fridge in apartments to stash food/drink in for later

- more pets
- Cyber car fast travel (like the GTAV flying animation, but you're in a flying car instead)

- Online store for furnishing apartments (AMM is broken for me right now and if anyone can tell me how to pick items up off the ground that would be great xD)


Sorry I just kinda dove back into the game this past week for the first time since launch and this new content update has me giddy. I have 140+ mods right now, but this is just scratching the surface of what I wish we could ultimately have in Night City.



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