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RH Ironsights Tri-Beam Laser Rifle


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Hi all,


Modded Fallout 3 playthrough in progress. I'm running the RH iron sights and it's beta update, as well as the remove reticle option, and this texturing comes up with the tri-beam laser rifle.


It appears to be an issue with the rear sight texture not working properly. In addition, the actual iron sight functionality does not occur, it still does the standard zoom-in.


I have tried disabling the Broken Steel plugin to see if this issue is rectified, but to no avail.


I can go one of two directions with this, if anyone has ideas for a fix. I would be inclined to either:


1. Find a way to set the reticle removal to not occur when aiming with the tri-beam laser rifle, and utilize its original textures only, or


2. Find a way to make iron sights functional on this weapon.


Thanks for your responses, guys.



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