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Meaningful factories (Wasteland workshop)


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Right of the bat, if mod such as this what i am about to request already exist, i apologize for my ignorance and would appreciate the link to the *sauce*...captain?


The mod i would like to request is in a nutshell rather simple. You see, I loved the Wasteland Workshop DLC i was thrilled to find out now we can mass produce stuffs, ammo, clothing, guns, food, "soylent green"...*khm*



However, after assembling neat production lines i realized something...why am I doing this in first place? There is no real reason why you should ever build a whole factory. Its not like Diamond City economy is gonna collapse if they don't receive tons of ammo, medical supply's, food shipment or armors on monthly bases...right? Well it should, and so should the Goodneighbor too if they don't get booze, jets, med X, food etc. I would like to see this take effect at Bunker Hill also but, since it is a acquirable player settlement i don't thing that it would work properly so..skip that one.



OK, Short story, we get a special quest giver NPC to the DC and Goodneighbor that will contact you when you enter town. This person will be your handler so to speak. In short, he/she will give you shipment orders of items that town is dire need of. The need for items will change every week and so will the prices. The item orders will always be in bulk.


Example: 5000 5.56 ammo, 500 shotgun shells, 500 Rad X, 200 Rad Away, 500 Corn etc.



This person is not a merchant, but a merely warehouse manager. All the things you are delivering to him you are not delivering to HIM per se, but to the local merchant storage space. Ammo is in fact for Arturo's part of warehouse, Booze is for Bobrov's bros. Meds are for doctors etc.


As time progresses the supply from warehouse will start to run out as the stuffs are being transferred into the store area.

However, if the supply run out the respective merchant will have very slim. Selling inventory namely the items that were supposed to be delivered 2-3 weeks ago but they never didn't now they are not available for purchase and will remain so until they get them.

You could use those moments to wait until they are ready to pay like 200% of the base price for a delivers of goods.

However, wait for too long and you will witness the consequences.

Example: if there is no ammo in circulation all guards will carry melee weapons and turrets outside DC will be shut down. If there is no armor available, the guards will walk around without armor. If there is no food, there will be less people on the street, no alcohol and doctor will inform you about increased number of patient he currently have suffering from withdrawal effects.


All those things would give player a reason to build and maintain an active factory producing large amounts of requested items.


I can already see a radiant quest line and all but for now, i am more interested if such thing even exist on nexus because, i was not able to find it yet. Found a lot of similar stuff but still way off from what i described here.

I hope that there is a bigger interest for such mod and not just me.


I understand that this mod is basically economy overhaul request and i know such things are not to be taken lightly.


Still, there is my request. Thank you for reading

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Yeah, as i said. I was very disappointed that they game us cool stuff to build and in same time no actual reason to build aside for the building process itself.


Currently as thing stands, the only reason why you should build ammo factory is for your own personal need, if you have War of the Commonwealth installed. https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/12395


And that is because it adds soooo much additional enemies spawn points that you are guaranteed, that you will run out of all ammo in no time.


Seriously, anything higher than Mamma's boy difficulty settings and you are...well, lets just say you won't be able to walk across the entire map in one go. In fact if you manage to get from Sanctuary to DC without spending over 100 ammo. You have gotten easy.

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