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Weird Lighting Glitch in North Square and Old Mormon Fortress


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I have about +20 mods installed on my base game. ILO to improve interior lighting. A lil more lamplight, Accurate stars, Climate Control, Darker Nights-Brighter Lights, Electro city, EVE for gun effects i think, FNV Realistic Wasteland Lighting, Night Sky tweaks, Strip Lights Region Fix and Stewie Tweaks(just in case it matters), all installed to make the Mojave look better and i have HDR enabled.


I never notice dat certain regions of the game are in a sepia(black n white) colour such as the Old Mormon Fortress and North Square and maybe others i dont know off. The entire game's colours go wacky when i load/ go into any of these areas. If anyone is able to help with my modding mishap lol it woul be much appreciated


I think these areas are like this maybe cos its like a different map and not part of the base 'open-world' map or something. Would appreciate any help at all as i dont really want to uninstall the mods i have unnecessarily. I mean it looks great for a pentium with UHD 605 XD

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