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Ally NPC Compatibility


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Can we get a mod that adds some proper framework for compatiblity between all the great follower mods?


For years now my favorites have been (and I'm sure there are more I forgot/dont know of:)


-F-COM: call in entire armies of your choosing and give them tactical orders, make them settlers or followers



-AmazingFollowerTweaks which lets you make anything a follower, give advanced commands and tons of options from Pip-Boy



-Robot Home Defence which lets you make robots from the regular workshop mode instead of needing the robot workbench, and adds a bunch of options to control them from the Pip-Boy



-Vertidrones which lets you make and operate drones from your Pip-Boy, even see from their POV



-Power Armor Autopilot which lets you make AI modules for your power armor and have it follow and fight with you



-Personal Flyable Vertibird which lets you make a flyable vertibird and give it orders



-Sim Settlements+Conqueror/Sim Settlements 2 which has way too much to mention quickly




Each of these has their own menu, framework, factions, bugs etc and it's a real pain to try to use them alongside each other, forget all of them, without having to make increasingly complicated edits. would be nice to have some immersive way of accessing all types of allies in one place, that modders could use to build on

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