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How to install Mods for Fallout 3

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Hey guys. i'm having a lot of trouble getting NMCs texture mod working. i've tried installing it manually, with Fallout mod manager, nexus mod manager and tried Archiveinvalidation too but nothing seems to work.

It should show up in data files when i launch the game right like other mods right?


I'm using windows 8.1 and have Fallout installed under program files (x86)

If, as you say, you tried to install NMC manually , you should have noticed that there was neither an .esm nor an .esp. So there is nothing to show in the data files. This is not the type of mod you are thinking of. This is a texture replacer and does not need an .esm or .esp to function, as long as it was installed properly and archive invalidation was toggled.


Hey open the file before you put it in first. Check it outalways to see if it has an esm or esp to be clicked in FOMM and NMM both. If not, its just a textures mod. If it does, it means you may have put it in riight, but may have to put it in again manually due to NMM not being able to handle a lot of texture and meshes files.Just a little FYI....

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