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[Request] Hotbar Scroll Mod


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This is mainly for controllers, but I'm sure many people using KB&M would appreciate scroll wheel scrolling. There needs to be a previous and next item in hotbar settings so you can map buttons to them. On controller you can easily unmap left and right d-pad which would be great for this. You could also remap lb and rb to those buttons and use lb and rb to scroll as well.


The game as it is now does not feel good on controller. There are other issues, such as aim acceleration/inertia feeling off or imprecise - a little floaty (the same issue I had with The Outer Worlds on controller), but the main issue is having to use the clunky toggle radial to change hotbar items, completely invalidating the need for a hotbar. This if further impacted by the fact that the hotbar items are still in your backpack, meaning the hotbar is even more useless. They might as well have just dynamically populated the radial menu with what you have in your backpack starting from top left and not implemented a hotbar for controller. Well, at least with how it is now you can assign left and right d-pad to your healing items.

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