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The Pitt DLC crashes when the second quest starts


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I have been playing Fallout 3 GOTY for a while with various mostly cosmetic mods (see the attached load order) and never had any crashes until now. The problem involves the second quest of the Pitt DLC "unsafe working conditions", normally when you enter the downtown area of the pitt, there will be a small event, a guard interrogating some slaves, which starts the quest, but in my case the game crashes as soon as the guard starts walking. I'd like to point out, that this has nothing to do with the area itself, when I don't approach the guard, or use the tlc command, to go through the wall to the left the event wont trigger and i can expore the area without any problems (however I can't advance the story without the quest), but as soon as I get close to the entrange and the guard starts moving it crashes again.

I also tried the other ways to get into downtown, by shooting mex, or saying you just want to go in, in this case a cutscene should play with some players beating me up, which automatically starts the unsafe working conditions quest, in this case I get a crash as soon as the game finishes loading.


I thought that maybe the DLC was broken so I deleted and redownloaded it via steam, but it didn't change anything, I tried playing with all my mods turned off and all texture packs I installed in the data folder by copying them to somewhere else, so they won't interfere, but it still kept happening. I also tried installing the unofficial fallout 3 the pitt patch, but that also didn't fix anything.


Any Ideas what could cause this?


my load order:


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