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Controlling menus with just keyboard, without mouse


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I'm looking for a more convenient way to navigate menus in ME3, like being able to press a button to use a Mass Relay on the Galaxy Map without having to move the mouse all the way down to the corner and click a button. I know it's a strange thing to ask, but I was able to navigate ME2LE's menus entirely via keyboard by binding Enter's function to Spacebar and the arrow keys to WASD. It honestly made the game flow much better without having to drag the mouse around every menu.


The game currently possesses limited functionality to do so - same arrow keys to move around menus, but enter does nothing except for in nested lists like the Codex, where oddly both spacebar and escape exit. In all other menus, no key mimics the function of whatever the accept/select button does, although escape still exits in most cases.


I've mucked around with binding custom dev commands to keys, but none of them mimic the accept button you must click with the mouse. The commands I've tried include:






CreateMenu and OpenMenu (not to be confused with ShowMenu, which displays the normal main menu normally displayed with escape)







Anyone able to help with this? I'm curious what commands the controller mods bind to each button to control menus, but I'm not skilled enough to decompile them to find out.



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