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A big bug at XPMSSE made by Groovtama


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I have to admit that XPMSSE is indeed a wonderful mod to add new node for hanging weapons,and making corresponding animation as well.But,I am thrown up with the wrong animation made by XPMSSE when I equip an one-hand axe/mace with my right hand and a shield with the left one. As is known ,different from the one-hand sword,the axe/mace is drawn out with a hand from the waist of the same side,this is to say , if you draw out an axe/mace with your right hand ,you will draw it from the right side of your waist. However,using XPMSSE,I draw the axe/mace with my right hand from my left side of the body;although it is hung at the right side .I would say that is really awkward.

I use no more mods when hit by the bug.what's worse ,the author Groovtama refuses to get feedback mails and even lock the posts area with complaint about

user's questing,oh my god!

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