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Hey guys, So there are a lot of good weather mods out there, and i love to use them, aaand, there is the seasons of skyrim project wich is a really nice mod (got to try it out yet, but it looks awesome) but one mod i really would like to see wich isn't done yet as far as i know:
the seasons mod.

now seasons of skyrim is very detailed but it only contains one season at the same time. what i would love to see is the seasons changing. (spring, summer, fall, and winter.) this is probably going to be hard to make for modders, but i've wanted this kind of mod for a long time.

a few extra notes:

- make sure the're snow and ice in the very north and on mountain tops at ALL times. one little mistake seasons of skyrim made.

- some extra music for the seasons would be nice, if possible.

- storms should be more extreme in summer, snow storms more extreme in winter etc.

so, if you guys can do this i'd be sooo happy, so please...


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