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Mass Effect Overhaul (Request discussion)


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So the Obligatory make a Mass Effect overhaul thread

(But, with that typically comes other space titles, such as star wars, trek, firefly, etc. All would be welcome, but where do "you" fit in? Which universe would you like to see modded first off.)


I started reading on how to mod the game. Seems the files convert to .dds for images, so getting advertising up here and there seems easy for background ambiance, but what can / should be done to fulfill a proper immersion in that universe?


Should there be entire redesigns of races to fit the ME races on stations? Ultimately I am trying to just start a discussion on the complexities and requirements of a overhaul so that people will take up task and either do piecemeal bits, or a team get together and make something amazing. First thing though is caveats and brainstorming


So, brainstorming then.

How difficult would it be to change meshes for races, turn the lizard men into say, the krogan (to include voice overs discussing the "krogans" instead of lizards), changing attributes, maybe change resource names to the elements found in ME, etc

Play background music from the games (not sure of the legalities in uploading assets of other games, so best to simply do a tutorial on how to take your own personal installed files and drop em elsewhere if possible and mod only some sort of converter or plugin?)


Changing the posters say, in the club from vanilla naked butt woman to asari butt woman is of course essential :)


Ship design changes, pirate name changes, sector changes, maybe even down the line a mega station Citadel?


I think the stations themselves require the most work initially. Such potential there, and it is arguably the biggest visual fail of the game (considering it was a highly anticipated feature)


Anyhow, I look forward to your thoughts, and of course for clever modders to chime in and take up tasks.


Also, Thanks Nexus for making this. The game can rock with your help.

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Yeah, I agree the stations need to be changed. In the other X games there was a lot of thought put into the design of the stations. They were all very aesthetically pleasing. However, these new stations are horrible. Miles and miles of piping leading to some really ugly shaped structures. Granted some aren't too bad both for the most part, they look like someone slapped some sheet metal onto the ISS. It'd be a huge undertaking but the person responsible for a redesign would be an X:God!




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