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Mod requests - This is a great UE4 based game with potential to be even greater through mod support!


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Would love to see the community engage with this game more and to see:


1. Hair color mods


2. Smaller sheath/ remove sheath or any mods that directly place the sword and shield on the back, daggers on hips (mid back may be better since she already animates to place her weapons there) etc.


3. The ability to play as Minerva, instead of Hilda (May be easy? Considering there's no speaking animations in this game, but maybe lack of combat animations might be a limitation in this idea).


4. Armor style/ color options


I seen that someone had a sheath and hair color mod, but they were on some weird porn forum and the attachments were no longer available, nor was the sideloading mod which was required to make them work.


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