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Initial launch issues


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Sorry, as I'm sure this has been addressed before, multiple times. But I am at that stage of reaching for my lump hammer. I will then definitely know why the dammed game won't launch!


OK, I need help. I'm not an experienced modder, but I have gone through (TWICE) the full video process of the 11 years of Skyrim etc. I have followed the process step by step. First time didn't work, so I went through the painful process of wiping it all and starting again with the 90gb marathon download.


I'm on Oculus 2, linked to a AMD Ryzen 9 5900X, 3070i 16gb via 3.0 cable.


I am hitting the run tab in the Mod Organiser. I hear the drum beat of Skyrim for 4 beats, then nothing!


Anyone out there who can save this nice pc from a hammer death?

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