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Playable Completed Draugr with Animations Request


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Hello, fellow Nexusmods-users! I've scoured the Skyrim Nexus for a fully functionable, playable Draugr mod for days and I would like to bring to your attention the unfortunate results of such (a) mod(s). It seems there are many Dragonborns out there wanting to play a Draugr character. There is a mod on the Skyrim Nexus allowing you to play as one, however without the normal Draugr weapon swinging and walking/running animations and without the ability to actually wield or use a helmet properly! >:(


I believe Skeletons use the same animations as Draugr. I am not a modder myself but I understand if this may be hard for some of you to work with...


So... In conclusion I'd like a fully playable Draugr mod using the same animations as the NPC. Perhaps it is just me, but I feel like this is something needed on the Nexus. After all, we sum up a larger part of the entire Elder Scrolls Series Community.


Thank you in advance!



PS: Any tips as to where I might find such a mod will of course be extremely appreciated; anything that can point me in a direction how to use these animations for the Dragonborn or a Draugr character. To 110%, I believe the brilliant minds of our beloved Nexus community can create such a mod for us. Thank you.



Over and out...

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Try the Mod Wyrmstooth,

I believe that's the mod you mentioned, although I could be wrong and found another mod that allowed you to do that. Anyways, I agree on the fact there should be mods where you play as ACTUAL DRAUGR NPC'S WITH THE ACTUAL ANIMATIONS! Since it leads to not only fun gameplay, funny moments, and etc., but it would lead to the possibilities of so much more. Think about it, if modders' worked hard enough, we could play as actual dragon priests, or even wolves, wisps, giants, and so much more! It's such a shame that no one has managed to ever take the chance of attempting this, or from all the mods I've seen. Although, I would imagine it would be RIDICUOUSLY DIFFICULT to accomplish, I mean it's almost like playing Skyrim & beating the game without walking.

"I mean no one has EVER done that, who would be crazy enough to do that?~"
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