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Way to edit / mod / change squadmate skills. Change Jack's skill loadout.


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I was wondering if there is a good mod that let's you change squadmates skills in mass effect 2.

I know you can do it in save edit or console commands, but i don't know if that persists between loads or respecs, and also it just adds extra skills, doesn't remove or change the existing ones.


Specifically i always thought Jack needed a different loadout.

She is made out to be one of the most powerfull biotics, but her skills really don't reflect that, iJack has one of the greatest disjoints between narrative and gameplay.


I always thought that she should have Singularity. It is both in gameplay and cannon one of the most powerfull abilities only reserved to high level biotics.

And just like in the first game and the third game only an Adept Sheppard and one other squadmate has acces to the ability. (So any other class of sheppard can only have singularity if they bring that squadmate)

So should it also be in ME2. Because now a Sheppard that isn't an adept has no acces to singularity. (not counting the brief stint with Liara)


So of all the characters it seem most logical to add the ability to Jack in place of her lift, it would encourage people way more to take her out for a spin once in a while. Especially on harder difficulties.



Any thoughts on this or suggestions? Is there a way to cleanly and permanently alter her skill loadout?


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