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Whats the best way to make the colors of two skin textures (body/face) match?


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Hi, i try to port my skyrim character over to UE5 and i already managed to get meshes to FBX and into 3ds Max. But now I have the problem that the albedo textures of face and body are not really blending even thought they do in skyrim. What i have now tried is correcting the color of the face so that it matches the color of the body better but the closest i can get is this far:




(Screenshot was taken in UE5)


This are the methods i have tried so far:

  • Bringing both textures into the same photoshop file, every as their own layer, and then playing around with the adjustment sliders until it looked relatively the same.
  • Using "Match Color": I completely desaturated the face and duplacted that desaturated layer, then i used "Match Color" to transfer the body colors to the new layer. After that step i tried the different blend modes for the layer with different visibiltys.
  • Using "Match Color" directly on the desaturated, didn't yield good results
  • Trying to improve the blend directly in the engine -> Completely failed

Am I completely mislead here and there is a simpler way to make the both match/blend better?

I don't know if I am allowed to Link to the texture packs on nexusmods because both are technically marked as NSFW or if it would be ok to provide a censored version of the body texture when i credit the author.


One method that came to my mind that maybe works: Completely desaturating both textures, than aligning their gray/black/white values, basically turning them into a mask. Then coloring this image versions and then adding details like lip color etc. manually back on the face. Am I thinking to difficult here?

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