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Hello, just putting this into the ether but we have some nice hair ports for Ciri, Yen and regular Triss, same goes for armors. Below I'm just gonna put a few I think a few of us might enjoy.

TW3 - Triss Alternative Hair DLC



TW3 - Triss Original Outfit, seen the DLC outfit get some love, be cool if we could find a way to make the Vanilla one a part of our gear


TW3 - Avallac'h Robes hopefully H/EMs, Females would be great too. Its got a nice aesthetic, for apostates/druid playthroughs. There are ports for DA 2, maybe it'd be doable for DA:I. Don't need the headache of cape, just the base armor is cool enough IMO. Recolors optional to the modder's discretion. Maybe replaces one of the DLC armor appearances?



TW3 - Olgierd for HM PJs? Just some witcher male outfit port love.


Anyways, this has been my wish sent forth to those with skills and determination beyond my own. I know we all appreciate The Witcher and Dragon Age Inquisition...otherwise the ports we do have wouldn't be so popular. I thank the Maker for those of you have done such great work and hope you might consider some of these.

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