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[Mod request] disable secondary subtitles


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I'm not a native english speaker so I need subtitles sometimes. However, the "chat-bubbles" over NPCs heads are sooo immersion breaking, I can't stand it. So basically, a mod that let's you disable those while keeping subs in cutscenes would be fantastic.


I've googled my ass off but found nothing, not even people complaing about it which is surprising to me. So here's hoping anyone with proper skills can see if it's doable.



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I guess you need to turn off this option: Options > Video > HUD Configuration > NPC Chatter.

Haha I'm so stupid, thanks a lot. I just assumed the if there was an option for NPC subs it would be bundled with the other sub options, never occured to me that it is also technically a HUD item :)


Thanks again!

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