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New Foundry Projects - Fusion Modules - Antigravity Belts - LW


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I was wondering if anyone would be inclined to make or help me make a small mod that introduces two new Foundry Projects intended for use in late game scenarios. This what I have so far.



Fusion modules:


Small item: Requires enhanced Plasma and Fusion weapons.


Effect: Adds +2 damage and +8 crit to Plasma weapons, -2 Mobility


Cost: 5 x Fusion cores, 1 x Alien heavy weapon, 280 Alloys, 350 Elerium, 150 meld, $2250


Build Cost: 1 x Fusion core, 1 x Plasma Stellerator, 80 Alloys, 120 Elerium, 60 meld, $400,


Description - Foundry:

With our increasing knowledge of Fusion technology, we believe we could use leftover Fusion Cores to construct even more potent subsystems to further increase the ouput of our Plasma weapons.


Description- Item:

These Fusion modules are essentially miniaturized adaptations of full-sized Fusion Cores that when linked up to existing Plasma interfaces creates and stores a destabilizing bond of electro particles which are then discharged into the weapons chamber delivering unprecedented levels of particle acceleration. Due to the encumbering nature of the rigging system it uses, it imposes a significant restriction to a soldiers mobility.



AntiGravity Belts:


Requires Antigrav systems and Tactical Rigging.


Effect: Adds one addition small item or subsystem slot. -1 Mobility


Cost: 80 Alloys, 150 Elerium, 20 x Heavy floater wrecks, 80 Meld, $1280


Description- Foundry:

Through a more thorough understanding of the Meld substance and further examination of alien wrecks, we believe we can now develop a type of armor attachment with Antigravity properties of its own. Using a newly developed substrate of Meld, we've managed to tune the bioelectric resonance frequency to react to nearby objects, thus creating distortions in molecular densities. This will in turn allow our soldiers to carry even more items into the field.

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