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Falmer animations for PC


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Hello! So yeah, I've been fascinated by the falmer ever since I encountered them for the first time in Skyrim. I've been waiting for a mod that would be able to turn you into a fully functional Falmer, but I realize that this is not very likely to happen, so instead, I hoped it would be, as the title says, possible to simply duplicate the animations from the falmer and put them on the PC. If this is possible, I would love for someone to either do it or explain to me how it can be done. I have 0 experience in modding, but I remember finding a feral ghoul animation mod for FO3 a few years back.

So in case this is doable, is it also possible to add a Falmer Race? - By race, I ofcourse am talking about adding the textures / meshes (if they are called that) from the Falmer race, into a playable race. Both things should already be in the vanilla game, so I assume it would simply be a matter of moving the files to another location?


I was lead to believe from another post that a reference picture is mandatory. I apologize for the size, but this is the most "naked" falmer I could find.



- Thanks in advance! :smile:

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