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Mod Request: Start out with modified saber; Inquisitor Saber


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click once on MB - diverse attacks

hold attack MB - spinning blade (deflects projectiles)

Jump + tap attack MB - Dynamic jump Attack

Jump + Hold attack MB - Helicopter mode (slowly gain height and have better parallel movement; essential in platforming precisely)

Block - Replaced - Does roundhouse kick

Hold Block - Replaced - Roundhouse kick all targets within 42 meters


Inquisitor Blades spin constantly, able to create lift. The problem is not their design, but the fact that inquisitors aren't good force users and in fact are not trained in the lightsaber blade at all; they fail because they are essentially hired guns, well... hired swords would be more accurate. That's why they are so embarrassingly easy to take down in the shows. They never had time to learn.


Anyways the idea is to start out with a inquisitor blade, and later on when you have access to the ship to be able to swap out for your regular / upgraded saber via one of the stations, if you so want, or bring back the inquisitor blade.

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