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My Character Turns Into a Floating Head (and sometimes just a clavicle)

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So before anyone asks, I can't do a process of elimination test. The trigger for this issue seems to be random and doesn't usual happen immediately upon game boot which makes identifying a culprit (if there even is just a single one) virtually impossible. It usually occurs after a second or third boot of the game without any changes to my mods or settings. I think the only pattern I have been able to discern is that it usually happens after a transition like pause menu, in game menu, dialogue/cutscene, etc.


FIXED: The problem was AMM The Appearance Menu Mod. I was importing a Witcher 2 save with the neck tattoo and the default AMM setting was enable Witcher 2 neck tattoo: off. Changing the setting to on fixes the problem in game, whereas removing my entire modlist (including AMM), deleting all saves, and starting a new game would leave the game broken. I had even tried not importing a Witcher 2 save and it still didn't fix it. The only fixes are to change the setting or reinstall the entire game.

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