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Mod request: Triss TW2 outfit


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if the yennefer outfit wasn't a big enough clue as to what is and isn't allowed, you'd be bent over hell trying to get this to stay


We didn't even get a reason as to why the outfit was removed which is pretty prude and dictator-like, someone I think needs to check the fashion industry and what people are wearing these days.


Boyish shirts, leather jackets and boots are hardly above the rating for the game. It was common even from the age of 8 to ditch your school tie and leave the top 2 buttons undone on your shirt to stay cool in the summer, no chest exposed just the neck like in the Yennefer outfit but they're trying to say we were exploiting ourselves at 8 years old? I disagree. As a girl who very much would have worn something like this, and did, at 12-16 I say it's appropriate.


We also wore skirts far shorter than that which we see in-game, at 8 years old, above the knees. They were mandatory school uniform, widely used in the UK and likely the US as well, but apparently we're exploiting ourselves... I don't think so.



There is nothing wrong with Triss's outfit at all, and anyone who says there is clearly hasn't seen the outfits in-game that match both Triss and Yennefer's overall aesthetics.


- On reading more into this issue, I am quite disturbed that the staff here might be looking at my child and consider her mandatory school uniform to be explicit or NSFW and try to ban her from being anywhere but in school.



Since they locked my topic I'll leave this here.


Here's another example of inappropriate mod adding full beards to 15-16 year old boys


Beards and more

Posted 22nd February and still up despite inappropriately putting man beards on 15-16 year old boys (Apparently this is ok)


But lore friendly and accurate SFW outfits like Yennefer's Dark Arts get removed (They claim it was by the author not them)

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I think it's more creepy that admins prefer teenagers to look like prepubescent children. Bad enough the devs all made the story NPC's have little freckles and talk with retainers.

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