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ChatGPT recommended that I ask for suggestions here about fan-modding a laggy game

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Hello fellow gamers, and modders.


I am not merely talking for personal interest but also on behalf of thousands of gamers. We're committed fans of Saint Seiya: Soldiers' Soul.


Long story short: The game has been severely bugged since day 1, the online multiplayer system lags like heck. I won't bother you with the standard (and not so standard) troubleshooting we've been doing since its release, also by opening countless tickets with Bandai Namco. Suffice it to say, nothing solved the problem.

The manufacturer never fixed the game nor released a patch. The game was released on PCs in the end of 2015, and the support was closed Jan 1, 2016.


Furthermore, sadly, in 2021 it was pulled from the stores (both the PlayStation store and Steam), most probably due to a Saint Seiya franchise license expiration.


I was talking with ChatGPT and asking for suggestions. After exhausting any other possibility, the only viable thing that is left to try is to involve (some) expert modder(s) to try to build a patch, or a mod, that fixes the multiplayer lag, or even replaces it with some sort of parallel multiplayer engine.


Yes, we tried Parsec, but it has the obvious limitations due to the audio-video data stream.


Some of us even managed to tweak the game by installing Brawlhalla, which support Steam Remote Play, and then replacing the files under its folder with the Saint Seiya game's files (and doing a few more tweaks). But it also have limitations, due to the audio-video stream. Furthermore, the player who plays remotely cannot use a gamepad, only the keyboard works.


I am not a programmer, therefore I do not know the intimate technical details of the game. However, what I do know is that some players managed to add new characters. But those mods are only an aesthetic thing. Indeed, just the appearance of the characters change. They actually copy pre-existing characters to do that. The movements and everything remain identical. I hope this helps.


Here we are now, hoping in a last resort. Is any of you guys capable of doing something like this? you'd have the gratitude of the entire fandom of the game. If necessary, we will also collect funds. Or, do you know anybody who could do this?


Thank you so much!


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This is by far the weirdest request to any community of programmers.


You can't fix a game unless you own it, or part of the development team, this is by far a fetch to something we can't do within our power.


To having less lag I think we should talk about what computer you're running, and your internet speed.

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