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[Mod Request] General immersion


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Hello all !

First, please excuse my english, I'm French so I can make mistakes.

I'm desapointed with the game for a lot of reasons. I'll list them below so maybe modders can take some ideas.

Please note that I'm totally open to help modders for translation (in french) and/or dubbing (is that the good word ? Voice a character). I have several game design knowledge too.


  • Time in game : I start with my RP kink <3 and one of the most difficult part to mod I think (in what I regret). Some of you have probably played Kingdom Come: Deliverance. In the main quest, Henry pretends to be a monk for a few time. So you have obligations like prayers, work twice a day, meals, and curfew at night. I loved this part of the game, when you have to play with theses constraints and use the few free time to do your quest : two or three hours there or discretly during the night. The Escapists use this system too ; you have to do things at a given hour and you have to play with.
    In HL, we can imagine a weekly calandar ; like, every day you have to go at the great hall for eating between 12 and 1pm, and to go to a different course everyday between 2 and 4pm (for example). No need of animation or cinematics, just to go at the classroom and a "attend class" option pass two hours. If you're not in your classroom for theses 2 hours, a teacher, a prefet, Mr Moon or some paintings, or Peeves, etc, can punish you and force you to go to class (which leads to phases of infiltration). In the night, you have to rest in your common room between 10pm and 6am. If you're not, same : infiltration.
    We can also imagine some positive/negative rewards relative to your attendance in courses : gain or loose XP or gold, gain some materials for potion / botany / animal class, detention on weekends (when there are no courses of course)...
    So, it's a complicated mod but idk, maybe someone could be interested :smile:
  • Realistic NPCs timetable : Less ambitious than the first idea ; just make that the NPC are more impacted by the hour. On meals times, the great hall can be full of students ; in the day, students can be in classrooms ; in the night, in common rooms. Lot of students are static,standing at a point every time to do the same thing for the whole year. They can go, take a walk, attend class, play Quidditch (lol). Same for quests NPC. Mr Moon can go for making rounds and stop waiting in front of a closed door. People can have habits and walk a little...
  • Talk to paintings : There are plenty of living paintings in the castle. And you can't talk to them. It's TERRIBLE. No need to have deep discussions, but maybe an action for make them talk... ? I can make a voice if needed.
  • Diversify the uniforms : I HATE when I'm the only f***ing student wearing something else than an uniform in Hogwarts. Two solutions: either the NPCs make comments and judge us, or some NPCs have slightly different outfits too.
  • Pets and / or followers : Skyrim made them in 2011, Oblivion in 2006. I want a cat following me, a rat or a ferret on my shoulder, a frog in my bedroom and an owl in the aviary... Ok, magic beasts, all of this, but please, my childhood, it's Harry Potter, not Fantastic Beasts. And in Harry Potter, they have normal pets and they can pet them everywhere. Not in a false room where you have the sentiment to be in another game.
  • Love : 21hours on the game and I never heard a single love story (ok, I heard some : the Mr. Fig dead wife, the treasure with the candles, the poor Anne at Azkaban). But either in the corridors, no one says things like "OMG did you see Thomas from Ravenclaw ? I love his big nose <3". I didn't get quests for go talk with the loved one to get informations and give them to a student, or to rob a timetable, or to ruin a couple... All these teens and no one loves no one ??
    And please I want a rendez-vous with Sebastian Pallow my crush hihi ~
  • Aerial figures : I want to do loopings or barrels on my broom :(
  • Ineed for HL : Last, again a RP kink (hihi) : I'd reaaally love a Ineed-like mod, that add the obligation to sleep, eat, drink... And add collectible food and drinks of course !

I regret sooo many things in that game. Why the stairs are not like in the books and the movies... ? Why can't we talk to the ghosts ? Why the f*** Avalanche decides to make a gigantic map instead of a real immersive Hogwarts ? Why make Hogsmeade with 354113484 shops instead of Diagon Alley ? Why are we AGAIN the chosen one ? Why killing peaple or use Avada Kedavra are okay ? Why no Quidditch ? Why 99.9999% of npc have no name ???

Thanks for reading !

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