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Hi there fellow modders.


I was wondering if anyone would be nice enough to help a fairly new modder out with a major problem. (Major because I can't complete many quests because of this v.v) I can't seem to be able to enter into Bruma without the game crashing on me. I've looked though all my mods and I can't imagine which one would be causing this or even why Bruma would be the only city I can't enter. Is there any way to find out which of my mods are connected to Bruma somehow? Is there some program I would need or a way to figure it out? I don't know what to do...


If you can answer with any sort of help that would be wonderful. Thanks for your time.


P.S. Hope this is where I'm suppose to ask for help ... I'm a complete noob I know but I can't help that I don't know anything about this site or about modding. After all I just started the whole modding thing a month ago.

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The following is standard trouble shooting for mod issues not pinned to a single mod (this is why you test every single mod in your install as you go, individually and with all your other mods - to pinpoint problems at the mod from the very beginning).

  • First - have you verified your game files through steam and updated to the latest patch? not relevant in bethesda games newer than NV.
  • Second - uncheck all your mods, start a new game, save after the dungeon. This will be your 'tester save.' Do Not Overwrite or Delete this save.
  • Third - Enable five mods.
  • Four - Go into game with your tester save. Run from one end of the game world to the other. Go into a few cities. Interact with a few things that are mod related. See if anything crashes.
  • Five - No crashes? Repeat 3-5. It crashed or something's not right? Go to step 6.
  • Six - something crashed? uncheck one of the five mods then go back to your tester save, repeat step 4.

Continue until you have found and fixed all crashing and freezing errors.


These steps are relevant for all bethesda's moddable games.

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Hi again.


Ok, Oubliette thank you, I knew in the end I would have to test each and every single one of my mods, even though now my problem is fixed I might go ahead and do this just to check and make sure everything is working properly. Thank you for this idea!


Now to olha2 that does sound possible because this happened it seemed right after the Battle of Bruma. I finally found it what you suggested and it worked! The mod is called Kill BUGGED Statue - Bruma crash fix by LazyMonk (Just in case someone else runs into this and happens to see this posted.) It's under Miscellaneous.


Thank you for all the help guys, I really appreciate it!

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