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Broken Wheel Cavern: A hub for Khajiit caravans and displaced refugees


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Needs a better name, obviously. I am in no way capable of creating this, but I think it's an interesting concept.


The mod begins with a quest from a stranger. A treasure hunter sulking in the far corner of a tavern requests that the player join him in exploring some nearby ruins, offering a share of the ritches and stating that the player is 'the best canditate out of this sorry bunch.' He then leads the player to said ruins and, once (s)he reachs the final chamber, turns on him/her. In an animation sequence similar to a certain Thieves Guild quest, he stabs you and leaves you dying on the floor after looting your stuff. As the screen fades to black, you hear a Khajiit and Argonian say lines based on race.

(Player is a Khajiit/Argonian:) They will sadly proclaim that "(s)he is another victim of such mindless violence toward our kind and to quickly bring him/her to the sanctuary, there isn't much time."

(Player is a Nord or High Elf) Arguments regarding "we can't just leave him/her here to die, nobody deserves that." and (for Altmer) "might be Thalmor scum."

The player then wakes up in the bedroom of a small shack. A female Khajiit enters and says she's glad you're awake, her husband was in a scouting party that found you on the brink of death. She took you in and cared for you. Again, she will say something about your race. She will then offer the player food and clothes, "it's not much, but it's all they have." The player's inventory has been cleared* (now wearing only ragged trousers and a new apparel called 'bloodied bandages:' a bandage wrapped around the chest) and (s)he is given basic cloths and bread. Scattered next to the bed are a few 'empty healing potions' and bloody rags.

The player emerges from the shack (depending on the player, after offering to repay for the kindness) and finds him/herself in a massive underground cavern. Similar in style to Shadowgreen Cavern, about the size of Blackreach, and packed with tents and shanties bordering a large underground lake. It's an entire town built to shelter the unwanted and the abused: victims of the civil war, the Thalmor, and other displaced people. It's made up of Khajiits, Argonians, Dunmer, and any other refugee. It also serves as a home base for Khajiit caravans and has a fairly impressive 'foreign' market at its center (offering exotic new items). Since you lost all of your items, you have to obtain unique or basic local gear through quests.



The Watch (better name needed)

Broken Wheel's version of the town guard. It's a brotherhood dedicated to keeping Broken Wheel secret and safe. The player has the option of joining their ranks and rising to the top. Watch Quests would include:

* Assisting the Khajiit caravans (finding goods, providing protection on the road). The player patrols alongside the caravans and fends off bandit or animal attacks. An example of a larger quest under this catagory: A member of the Watch runs up to the player and informs them that a caravan has been ambushed by bandits. The player then discovers a band of bandits holding the Khajiit prisoner on the side of the road (their guard either dead or currently being 'roughed up') while they riffle through the caravan's supplies. You have the option of fighting the bandits, taking them out stealthily, confronting the chief and persuading/intimidating/bribing, etc.

* Seeking out potential refugees and transporting them safely to the sanctuary.

* Helping out 'citizens' in need.

* Hunting down and dealing with a Falmer camp that has been causing trouble.

* "Some bandits found their way into the tunnels outside of Broken Wheel. Make sure they don't get any further."

* Defending Broken Wheel from a Thalmor or Bandit/slaver/bounty hunter/racist Nord attack.

* And more, all with unique dialog trees and player-centered options.


Other Quests and Features

Quests gained from the people of the town. Possible quests include (again, each with varied dialogue trees and options):

* Rescuing someone's captive brother/sister/husband/wife or freeing a slave.

* Something involving skooma or thievery. Ties to the Thieves Guild.
* Hunting down the person that left you for dead, recovering your stuff from a chest in his home.
* Tensions between Argonians and Dunmer which the player could chose a side or attempt to resolve.

* An arena where one can watch, bet, or participate in animal fights or unarmed brawls.

* A new player home.

* A market offering unique items of Khajiit, Argonian, and Dunmer origin.

* Hist smuggling.

* Seeking out Dunmer in Winterhold.

* Entering the Thalmor Embassy near Solitude and informing them of Broken Wheel's location. Leading a party of Thalmor into the town and destroying it. (Despicable Thalmor Scum that you are)

* So much more that I can't think of.


Notable NPCs


* The Khajiit that takes you in. The husband is a member of the Watch. For starters, you can replace or repay the healing potions used to fix you up and other favors. Their home acts as a player home until you get your own.


* An exiled Renrijra Krin: a fearsome Khajiit and high ranking member of the Watch. This Khajiit was once a slave. His owner cut out his tongue as punishment for his violent actions and attempts at leading a revolt. He can become a follower.


* An ex-Ordinator Dunmer: Another high ranking member of the Watch. Possible follower, his quest rewards include Ordinator gear and heirlooms.


* Broken Wheel acts as a safe haven for players with bounties: one can find a man who is willing to make any bounty dissapear. . . for the right price of course.


* Plenty of shady characters offering poisons and other less than legal items. Fences.


* Merchants and members of the Khajiit Caravans.


* More



The entrance to Broken Wheel consists of a twisting series of caves and guard posts leading up to a massive underground cavern and lake. Broken Wheel's opening is hidden behind a waterfall, and the cavern itself is tucked away deep into the mountains. There is also a large hidden area that serves as both a shortcut to the town and a stable for horses/ caravan storage.


Obviously I don't expect anyone to make this mod, but I think it would be fun to discuss the possibilities.

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Wow, I love this idea! I would take on level design but I'm bogged down with other projects... I hope someone can do this, I honestly love it

Thanks, I think this mod has some interesting potential for quests and features that I can't even think of. Like I said, though, I'd be genuinely surprised if someone actually picked it up. For now, it's just fun to theorize.

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Of course, I love discussing ideas like this in great detail. I have a few big requests to do so unfortunately I don't have time to do this now, but maybe in the future... :)

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This sounds like this would be an awesome mod. It would be really nice to have races that are marginalised by much of the skyrim player community brought into the spotlight. And imagine all the marigable Khajit! :tongue:.

Indeed. I have a lot of respect for the Khajiit caravans. This idea was partially inspired by talking and trading with them frequently. One of them says something like "most people look down on us as pickpockets and thieves, I am glad you are not such a one." The Khajiit are by far my favorite race. I love everything from their voice to their culture. Too bad I only ever seem to run into them as bandits and have to kill them. This mod would fix that.

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