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Vortex won't open, somthing about error


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I was downloading a bunch of Fallout 4 mods yesterday and it all seemed fine when I closed it all down and went to bed.

I'm sure I've done something horribly wrong in some way or another, but I can't really see what I've done wrong cause I can't enter and see the possible conflict between the mods.


Can anyone help?

Or is the only option to delete the programme and download it again?


Thank you in advanced!

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The error message suggests that your antivirus software might be preventing Vortex from downloading and installing mod files. You need to add an exception to your antivirus that will allow Vortex to operate. It's a list that your antivirus checks to see which programs are authorized to download and/or install.


Personally, I have not had this problem but other mod users on the Nexus have reported it.

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