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I want to create Multiplayer Oblivion. I need pointers.


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Hi everyone, first time poster, and well... first time modder


I want to take it upon myself to create Multiplayer Oblivion in 2023. I study Software just now and it just seems like the right time, as there isn't anything about just now.


I have a few questions and if you have any information it would be really helpful.




To do this, do I need to have access to Oblivion's Code? How can I insert this feature into the game with a mod? Do I need to create an external program that is responsible for connecting two people, and it hosts them both in one instance of the game? I have no knowledge of this but if I can start to build a picture of what might be required, I can get a start.


Is there a particular Mod Tool I need to use?


Any information would be great.




- Stu

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Hi Stu,

You may want to take a look at Oblivion Online Mod - Made Easy.

After that the source code of Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE) to see how it extends the interpreter.

Menuque to use and/or avoid conflicts with your inventory/menu requirements.

The version of Gamebryo, let alone Oblivion's music management is unlikely to meet your requirements. You could refer to the source code of Enhanced Music Control (EMC) and Enhanced Music Control 2 (EMC2). A problem with EMC2 that I found was incorrect music for current interior/cell persisting from previous interior/cell where the API was unable to rectify. Going over the source, most was 1 file modular rather than OO, however, this may have changed.

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