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simple, fast, real-time inventory UI (no pip-boy for equipping/using)


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ever downloaded an outfit collection, like the VTAW wardrobe, only to find yourself pressing the inventory key again and again to preview the outfits on your character?

ever wanted to quickly change between weapons and outfits and grenades, or consume aid/food without having to see a pip boy "opening" and "putting down" animation which also makes the game laggy in the middle of fights? it's also not immersive because the game gets paused!

i was thinking of the idea of making a simple REAL-TIME inventory system which uses a really basic UI. this interface is supposed to load up the item list and whenever the player clicks on the item it should call the use function or something.

i know this isn't something simple to do, i'm willing to make it myself but i lack the knowledge.. :skill_issue:

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Here is a momentary solution:


First download this mod


Then open the files named "HotkeyBatch(number).txt" and enter the following command:


player.openActorContainer 1


Enter the game and assign a key in the MCM.

very useful! this actually speeds up my gameplay quite a lot and i can enjoy pip-boy's aesthetics whenever i'm not in a hurry or in combat.

however, for equipping and unequipping, i assume you also need this mod:


and set a hotkey like Shift, and click on an item while holding Shift so it equips the item. for unequpping, i noticed you can just click on the item present on the right side. thank you for the reply rk121

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