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This is my personal modlist, posted here so I can conveniently link to it. Feel feel to copy or take inspiration from it.

All mods are from The Nexus, with the exception of the ENB Binaries file, which is downloaded from an external source. Most mods are for SSE, but a few of the smaller graphic ones are from Oldrim and work fine when downloaded manually.

If interested, you can view screenshots on instagram @angasskyrimphotography







Vivid Landscapes - All in One - SE

Fluffy Snow - 1K

Enhanced Blood Textures


Flora Overhaul - Trees Only

Realistic Water Two

Better Water

Northern Shores - 4K


Superior Lore Friendly Hair

Hvergelmir's Aesthetics - Beards

Tempered Skins for Males - Nude Version (bear, natural, dirt, hard life, harsh)

Tempered Skins for Females - UNP and Vanilla (nude, bushy, fit, dirt, hard life, rougher)

RS Children Overhaul

Rustic Clothing - Special Edition - 2K

Rustic Armour and Weapons - SE - 4K

HD Reworked Horses

CleverCharff's Caves - 4K

CleverCharff's Solitude - 4K

CleverCharff's Windhelm - 4K

CleverCharff's Riften - 4K

- CleverCharff's Riften - Wood Shingle Roof - 4K

CleverCharff's Markarth and Dwemer Ruins - 4K (partially overridden by Vivid Landscapes)

CleverCharff's Whiterun - 4K

CleverCharff's Raven Rock - 4K

CleverCharff's Castle Volkihar - 4K

CleverCharff's Fort Dawnguard - 4K

CleverCharff's High Hrothgar - 4K

CleverCharff's Apocrypha - 4K

CleverCharff's Forgotten Vale - 4K

Forgotten Vale Ice by CleverCharff - 4K

Winterhold HD by CleverCharff - 4K

- Light Exterior Stone Option

CleverCharff's Photorealistic Ash Pile - 2K

CleverCharff's Photorealistic Lock - 4K

MM Real Elks - 4K

MM Real Cows - 4K

True Wolves of Skyrim

- True Wolves of Skyrim SSE




Blended Roads

Skyrim 2020 Terrain Parallax 2K4K (partially overridden by Vivid Landscapes and Fluffy Snow)

Nature of The Wild Lands - Pine and Aspen Replacer (partially overridden by Flora Overhaul - Trees Only)

- Autumn Birch







I'm Glad You're Here

Realistic Falkreath Graveyard

Visible Favourited Gear

Search and Destroy

Crime Overhaul SE

Obsidian Weather and Seasons

Relationship Dialogue Overhaul

Frostpeak Lodge

Blowing in the Wind

Blindfolds of Skyrim

Earrings for All

Easy Marriable NPCs





ENB Helper SE

ENB Binaries

Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch

Skyrim Script Extender

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