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[REQUEST] Can someone please make a mod that adds a delay turn feature to this game?


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Howdy Y'all


I been playing this with a friend of mine and the one complaint I find myself having nearly every battle (in addition to the BS concentration mechanic) is the lack of a way to delay a char's turn. That's a CRITICAL strategic decision in any party-based game that has individual initiative rather the party initiative like xcom or miasma chronicles. Especially in a D&D based game! Ask any DM I've had over the past 25 yrs I've been playing- the most common thing they'll hear from me is 'I delay my turn' unless I'm playing a char too reckless or too stupid to think strategically.


Melee type wants to rush into battle? Delay till the wizard casts haste or softens them up with an AOE.

Wizard being threatened by a melee foe? delay till the rogue kills it or the fighter shoves it away.

Rogue's turn? Delay till the fighter engages so he can flank for a sneak attack.

Need to fall back to a more defensible position? mage or druid delays till the last party member has moved so they can stall the foes with web or entangle.

Particularly dangerous enemy that likely has too much hp for sleep to work? delay till other party members put a bit of smackdown on it.

SOOO many other situations that I can hardly believe it was left out of the base game. It is essential!


Sorry for going on a bit of a tirade there. Bottom line is the lack of that feature is a gaping oversight that I'm hoping one of you modders can correct. I know nothing about making mods beyond editing an .ini file and I've already asked the creator of Unfinished Business and he said he can't.


Thanks Y'all


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