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[Mod Request] Nerfed Wirebugs


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Tried to do some searching to see if there's something like it already but nothing came up for my search terms, then I tried to look at a .lua plugin and my eyes crossed a bit trying to understand the code, so figured I may as well put up a request:

Would anyone be interested in making a (what I'd hope to be simple, for code-competent people) mod to do basically the opposite of the 'infinite wirebug' mods, to increase/slow the recovery timers of wirebugs? I play with a small group of salty old-gen fogeys who don't like how zippy they are, so something that would make them comparatively scarce (in-combat) would be good for their desired experience. Maybe a multiplier adjustable in the Reframework menu, or independent 1.5x/2x/3x versions?

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