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Swapped armor meshes and crimson hood quesion


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Hey guys this is a bit complicated question.

I swapped default and altered astrologer armor to look like silver mail armor in game. it's just cosmetic.

I did this without opening meshes and textures and messing around, I simply took the whole "bd_f_1701.partsbnd.dcx" package which is silver armor look I want, and renamed it to "bd_f_1250.partsbnd.dcx" which would be astrologer armor, and dropped it into mods/parts folder as a mod and it works great.

I did this for both default and altered astrologer.

The game simply loads astrologer armor to look like silver armor set, but the stats are still like you are wearing astrologer.

However, I have a question about how it combines with crimson hood.

When I wear the hood with swapped version of default astrologer it is clipped, the scarf part is hidden.


And when I wear it with swapped version of altered astrologer you can see the whole hood.


Now I think I figured out why this is happening.

Probably because originally the default astrologer armor has a hood of its own.


While altered version doesn't.


So even tho I swapped both meshes to same silver armor that has no hoods, the game still somehow remembers it and makes crimson hood act hidden in first pic.

Does anyone know how I could force crimson hood mesh to always be visible fully on top of the any armor? I hope this makes sense to you :smile:


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Never mind figured it out on my own, I had to edit Astrologer armor masks in Map Studio and unhide the body parts and armor parts that were hidden by it or invisible. in this case neck and shoulder area.

Gonna leave this up in case it helps someone else

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