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Fallout 4 console modding section generates incorrect URL


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When adding the Bethesda.net IDs to the "Permissions" section of a Fallout 4 mod, the resulting URL shown on the mod page is incorrect.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Edit the permissions section of a Fallout 4 mod page.
  2. Add the ID 4336462 (to either the Xbox or PS fields - see screenshot)
  3. Visit the mod page, open the "Permissions" accordion on the description and see the links do not point to the correct page.

Expected Behaviour


Actual result



Do not enter the IDs in this section. Use the "Mirrors" section of the mod page to share these links instead.


Other Information

Original report: https://github.com/Nexus-Mods/web-issues/issues/1675


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