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Blueprint ID for Orbs


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hope someone with some modding know-how can help me out with this...


I am looking for the blueprint ID for the respawnable Force orbs (the ones you ususally need to insert into something to power stuff up for puzzles).

The reason is, that in my game, there seems to be a progress blocking bug. In the area "Devastated Settlement" my game simply spawned no orbs, and I need one to open a steam vent, as well as one for a collectible a bit earlier in the level.


After some searching I looked online if I missed something, and the orbs should have both been close to where I need them, I found their exact locations, but they simply are not there.


I tried reloading the area, I tried using an older save (I keep manual backups) and using cheat engine to get to the area, but even with the latter, and going as far back as me having just arrived on Koboh, the orbs are simply not there.


Now I did manage to use Cheat Engine to spawn some blueprints from an unsorted list I found, but so far, the orbs don't seem to be on there.


So if someone knows where to find the ID or just has them for some reason, that would be awesome.


[update] I figured out the blueprint. The ID is BP_EnergyOrb

The command to summon one is: Summon BP_Missile_C

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