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Outfit Manager PC mouse or controller


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Hey all I have installed OM and it is all working fine. The outfits I have added show up when I hit K and it appears that I can equip them by clicking on the equipment button.

But the mouse won't click it.

I did read that this is a Bug, so I am wondering if anyone has tried using a controller to equip, then swapped back to mouse.

Or if there is any other work around.

Any info is greatly appreciated.

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Well yesterday evening I got it to work with the mouse, nothing I did.

But now when I click on the outfits I crash to desktop.

Only Luke's head which works, and Jedi robes 1313 and farm boy luke mods loaded so far but those outfits cause it to crash when I try to equip.

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I tried moving the outfits to the ~mod folder.

Same results with trying to equip outfits CTD.

The hair and beard color change works like a charm and am loving that. And the lukes head mod is great.

Hopefully someone finds the fix for outfits equipping.

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