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English for the Americans, Italian for the Romanians

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Hi, I just want to know if it's possible to tweak the language settings in the game
I had set it to Italian, because it's the closest to Romanian, and my word, it was just so much better
I played Yakuza Like a Dragon in English, so I can be a Philistine when I need to
I tend to play games while watching a show at the same time, so subtitles usually aren't my go to
But in this game, it was just, chef's kiss. Such an improvement. Made the game feel like some old Italian horror movie, or like a Guillermo Del Torro flick (though not Spanish, obvs).

What really made it work though, was that my game glitched out, and Ethan was still speaking American English
I had no idea it was a glitch, I just thought it was a stroke of genius, to have the player character only have the one voice actor, but to have everyone else speak whatever language you like, to add to the feeling of alienation and disorientation. Amp up the fish out of water.

Then, at some point, my controller desynced, and I had to reboot the game, and now Ethan is speaking Italian, and I can't get it back
It's not that big a deal, but I'd love to find a mod to get Ethan, Mia, and Chris all using the English dub, with everyone else using the Italian dub
There's not that much dialog in the game, and even if you miss some of the subtitled words, it's like, Ethan's Romanian isn't all that perfect after three years, so the subtitles are like him still having to translate in his head, and sometimes he misses stuff.

I really like it. And it would be nice to be able to go back. But if that's just, not a thing, or no one knows how or is interested in doing it, fair enough. Just figured I'd ask the scene :)

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