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  1. What's new in this game
  2. I was hoping someone could take the DoS insignia on the Sentinel 9 and put it on the grip of the SG-09 in way that's identical to the original Silver Ghost. Please and thanks!
  3. Look, we have the tramp stamp mods for Leon, Ashley and Ada but none for Luis. Come on, where's the love?
  4. Not sure if it's doable, but there are times when Leon and Ada will holster their weapons while they are equipped, but they aren't visible in the holster. Could someone make a mod that corrects that please? Thanks!
  5. Please disregard or close this topic. I didn't know there was already a mod that changes the charm effects. With the mod, charms can now use the Gas Mask accessory perk.
  6. Adding a camera on the side of the screen, always showing the front of character (full body), like a mirror. Thus while playing the game, you can see her by the front always, I know rotating the camera I can see her front, but normally playing the game, the majorite time you only see her/his back. I have this idea watching the video "Relaxed Idle Animation for Jill" That size is perfect for a camera that you can put in the side of the the screen, with this fixed angle, and you can edit the size, drag and drop the the camera, disable/enable in the cutscenes, etc. Here my vision how it looks like: http://imgur.com/a/hSCLUuD Thank You.
  7. With damage falling off from the blast point. Because grenades!
  8. Can't seem to find a direct port of Jill's Glock 19 from Resident Evil 3. Can someone please make this? Would like it to replace the starting handgun.
  9. where the f**k are the mods i see people use on youtube such as flawless ada and why is there a lack of ada and sherry mods all together and i want this mod
  10. Replace with high damage instead ^.^; Or only trigger when low health?
  11. okay I am no expert whatsoever but I will give you how I edit stuff, I personally watched no videos because I could not find a single tutorial, so I just went straight to reading the RE Modding forums, NEOSIS is a program that can read the model and texture files of many games including RE4Remake, and export them to readable formats like .png then again re export the edited .png to the format of the game, download NEOSIS from Rich Whitehouse's website, or you can find a link in this github repo then download the plugin (.py file) and follow the "read me" to put it in the correct folder. Here is the repo: https://github.com/alphazolam/fmt_RE_MESH-Noesis-Plugin this forum post is the one I read, it details how you can browse for a model or texture, export it to a readable format like .png for images or .fbx form models, you can then edit the textures in perhaps photoshop or something similar and edit the models too in blender, then in Neosis you reselect the edited image and export it overwriting the texture you want to replace while choosing the correct format for exporting of course. I recommend reading the post for it explains many important details: https://residentevilmodding.boards.net/thread/13963/saving-custom-tex-textures-noesis Again I have never made any mods and consider myself an amateur in stuff like this, I researched all of this just to answer you, but feel free to ask questions and I will try to help to the best of my abilities.
  12. Hi. Just wondering if it's possible to bring over the Gas Mask perk to Separate ways or unlock Aim Assist on all difficulties.
  13. So I have a few outfit mods I'd like to try and put on other characters purely for personal use however I have no modding experience at all, are there any good tutorials out there or can someone help me?
  14. So after trying and failing to do this myself I was wondering if anyone else would be able to make a thong mod for Krauser and Wesker? Feels wrong only be able to have Leon and Merchant in a thong lol what about the bad guys
  15. Could someone help do a RE2R mod that let Leon's matilda got 18 capacity like original RE2, thanks
  16. can some make a mod that leon can use brute crossbow (JJ)
  17. Hi, I would like to request UI timer, enemies killed count, combo timer, boss alert icon, in mercenaries, to be removed. I'm already using Simple UI mod for merc.
  18. Hi I would like to do paid request for replacing Plaga spiders with the Little Crawlers from RE7
  19. It's kinda strange to me that when Leon use radio, there a screen shown below...he use a earphone...can someone help do a mod remove that screen? Thanks
  20. Hi I would like to paid request to make Island (merc) have the Village lighting and Village to have the Rainy night version
  21. i want edward carnby from alone in the dark the new nightmare or liquid snake in re2 is it possible?
  22. I downloaded the mods and mod manager. Everything seems to be in order. But, I cannot see the mods in games. What should I do? What is the issue? Can you help me? It was for resident evil 4 remake.
  23. I'm looking for a modder to pay to replace Ada Wong's voice lines with those of Rachel Foley. Whether or not I'll hire a voice actress for it or use AI based off her voice, I'm not sure. But I'd like to secure a modder specifically for this endeavor. If you can give me all of Ada Wong's voice lines that would need replaced, I'll pay extra. (If this isn't allowed, I apologize)
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