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  2. Is the MDF Manager necessary for exporting models to RE4R format? I've managed to figure out most of the process of swapping the mesh. The mesh appears fine in Noesis after I export it as .FBX from Blender, but when I export it to an RE4R mesh file, something breaks. I'm not sure if it's the mesh or the texture, but when I load the mod in game, the knife I replaced is massive (so big it covers the whole screen when I melee attack). I can't get the MDF Manager to open because it requires Microsoft .NET, which seems to be inexplicably and irreparably broken on my computer, so I'm wondering if anyone knows of another way to solve this issue. Is there a step I missed in Blender? An option within Noesis? I have been struggling to figure anything out. I'll appreciate any assistance.
  3. Have you uninstalled all mods and then reinstalled your game since you started having this issue?
  4. There is a mod to make the weird head gear invisible: https://www.nexusmods.com/residentevil42023/mods/289
  5. Lately I've been obsessed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and would love to play as her in RE3R. I've been hunting around for someone capable of modding custom skins with some type of commission prices listed with no such luck. If anyone with said abilities see this and is interested please contact me. Either through here , Twitter (@SuperNerdPetey) or Discord (SuperNerdPetey#8041) Also interested in an Angel skin for Carlos, and Spike for Nikolai! Thanks for your time <3
  6. I have very limited knowledge about how to make mods, if any at all, and I had an idea for an outfit for Ada that I was hoping someone could try and create. I am a big fan of the base game outfit, and this other bodysuit outfit that I found for Ada while browsing for mods, and was wondering if someone could combine these two outfits together. The Idea is that the sweater and the harness would remain, but be put over the bodysuit, so the gloves, the boots and the legs would be from the catsuit mod. Long winded explanation short, I would like to have a sweater catsuit Ada outfit. I have attached the images for the outfits below. Any help to create the outfit would be appreciated, and I would even be willing to commission for it if necessary I just do not know how to go about doing that. Thanks.
  7. I was just wondering if someone was able to do a belly dancing animation for Ada and Ashley per animation and poses as well for the games model viewing pages. I was just curious if anyone is up for this particular comission? DM me for more details and perhaps we could discuss something more for the potential mod. Thank you
  8. Can someone make a first person view for Shadow of Rose?
  9. I have an idea that I think would be very interesting, and I would be thrilled if it were realized. I came across an idea on the Nexus Mod website that really impressed me, and I believe it would be very appealing to other fans as well. The essence of the idea would be to replace the character of Leon with Michael Munroe from the Until Dawn video game. I feel that this change would bring a fresh momentum and interest to the game, and it would make those who love both the Resident Evil and Until Dawn worlds very happy. If someone could implement this modification, I am sure that many fans would rejoice. I will put the model link here: https://www.deviantart.com/stevecowlishaw/art/Mike-Outdoor-Until-Dawn-XPS-811326068 We are grateful to those who undertake the realization of this fantastic idea!
  10. I noticed when using aim assist that it drops off depending if you have a rifle, with a scope, or simply have a pistol. This got me to produce several requests all as one mod: No distance limit aim assist - aim assist functions no matter the dropoff point of youre firearm. Aim assist is always on no matter the accessory - want to go knife leon with antlers but still have the bonuses of the gas mask? The bonus of the gas mask is an additional second effect now placed on ALL cosmetics, along with their previous bonuses if they had any. aimbot tweak and armor detection - if a bulletproof helmet or unbreakable shield is detected on the enemy, it will aim for their torso. If an unbreakable shield is detected it will aim for their feet, if an bulletproof helmet is detected it will aim for their torso, if a breakable shield is detected it will aim at their head, if an unbreakable shield and bulletproof helmet is detected it will aim at the feet. These 3 key features are basically what you'd call an "aim assist overhaul". Meant for those who wanna camp some really annoying genados, zealots, soldiers, and hordes. "The truth is? The game was rigged from the start." - - Benny Ring-A-Ding-Ding
  11. There's so much misinformation on how critical hits work in this game - some think it's when you pop heads with a headshot (not true), some think critical hits have to be a 1-hit kill (also not true), etc. Those who have done extensive testing have found that critical hits can happen on any enemy on any body part independently of other factors like dismemberment, stagger, and weakpoint damage boosts - read the Notes section of the image in the Reddit post below (credit: Filipe Ramos). This post also shows the different % chances for each weapon including the modifier from exclusive upgrades. This is good to know, but now I find it weird that there's absolutely no indication in the game when you actually land a critical hit (from what I can tell...). I've looked high and low for a mod that does this with no luck, unfortunately. Curious if anyone else knows?
  12. Salutations, j’ai vue des Mods robocop dans Resident Evil 2 Remake, des Mods très sympa. Je me demandais si quelqu’un aurait la gentillesse de mettre à jour vers la version Robocop Fortnite Skin ?
  13. I can't get the game to run even with a single mod using the Fluffy Mod Manager, not a single one, it never gets to the menu. I just want to know if there's a way to get things working again or if I should just give up. If the only solution is downpatching then what version still works and what can I still play? I would like to play the DLC with mods.
  14. Good evening! I posted this idea once on the nexus mod page: Community -> Forums -> Mod Ideas tab. But since the theme of this part is Resident Evil, I thought I'd share an idea with you. The idea: I have an idea that in the Resident Evil 2 Remake Claire's character would be replaced by Jessica Riley from the Until Dawn horror game. The model can be found here: https://www.deviantart.com/crazy31139/art/Until-Dawn-Jessica-Outdoor-868548141 https://www.deviantart.com/crazy31139/art/Until-Dawn-Jessica-Indoor-865746056 Unfortunately, I don't know how to make mods, so I thought I'd share my idea with you. I hope one of the mod makers likes the idea. Thank you very much if someone makes it.
  15. Hey! Yes, I have the same issue. Literally can't find any info or help for this. I'm using the dx11 non-rt branch from Steam and all my mods are non-RT. I uninstalled all of them, re-installed, force uninstalled etc. Got few of them to work but for example Nemesis Hood just made the whole head look like a round flesh. M4 made the weapon look like it had no textures, others just had floating heads or no models at all. It's confusing. RE2 and RE4 modding is much easier but nothing works on RE3. What should I do?
  16. Whenever performing an action like hopping over ledges, jumping through windows, rolling etc. Leon's equipped weapon disappears. Like if a pistol is equipped it will disappear from his hand and not appear in the holster. Then when you hold the aim button he'll reach down to draw it then it appears in his hand. Really immersion breaking. Not sure if it happens with Ada too though I imagine it does. Also a cool little add-on would be to add Adas underarm holstering to Leon so if a second handgun is equipped it will appear in Leon's under arm holster and he'll draw it from there too.
  17. I have a request. I would like you to make a mod for One Piece's characters Nico Robin and Boa Hancock. Either Leon or Ada is fine. I would appreciate it if you could make both.
  18. Im having the same issue, installed a bunch of mods with fluffy manager, and none of them are working, none of the mesh, or any of the costumes, am I missing something obvious? When i played about 6 months ago (same save file) i could switch costumes, but now its always just the standard/default game costumes
  19. Pretty straight forward- make Ada's beige Blast Crossbow Black.
  20. Trying to find a mod maker that can change the look of Leon to look like Me/My Profile pic on all my socials. I'm a content creator and want to have it for my streams. @joeyjharold on TikTok BTW
  21. hey ghostantan the link for discord is expired i would like to learn how to mod too ;-;
  22. No. Hair strands, for now, is a RE4-only feature. It is not possible to port it to other RE Engine games. At least for now.
  23. 1. On all difficulties you buy and sell weapons and items at same price 2. All enemies drops 1k ptas or 10k ptas prefer 3. Bosses drop more 100k ptas. Ch 1 boss 100k ptas, each chapter as you goes +100k more. 4. Able to get cat ear on any difficulties. For infinite ammo. 5. All Broken crates give ypu more 50% resources and 1.5k ptas. Also add in Health regeneration to 100% full and Health regen speed very fast. For all difficulties.
  24. Hello, I am quite new to the topic of modification, until now I have only made personal modifications to games like skyrim and others with their extensions for blender, I would like to learn about the tools or ways they use to modify this game, if it is not possible I I would like to make requests for modifications to Leon, I have the models to carry them or something like that or as a guide, if anyone is willing I would be grateful
  25. I think, with the new 'hair strands' , the RE4 remake did an incredible job in fixing the long-lasting issue of pixelated hair (with pixelated hair shadow on the face) in modern RE games using RE engines. (I use the latest DLSS on which is much better than FSR, so I only know how hair strands look like in DLSS) The hair strands in RE4 remake are easily the most realistic hair I have ever seen in any games now, so my question is that is it possible to mod hair strands into RE2 or RE3?
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