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I am losing my MIND trying to create a new static mopp collision object for an existing clutter mesh (uppersilvercarafe01.nif). I'd like it to be a shrink-wrapped collision that maps to both the inside and outside of the carafe, so that objects can be placed inside the static vessel (if they're small enough to fit through the neck). The original collision for the silver carafe closes over the opening at the top and doesn't map to the inside, so I can't just convert it to static to get what I need.


I have been beating my head against Blender 3.3.0 + NifTools for days, unable with any tutorials or web searches to figure out why I'm not able to export a collision object; all exported objects end up as NiTriShapes even with RigidBody enabled in Blender, and I can't get it to do the shrink-wrapping properly in the first place. So many tutorials are vague and/or generally confusing, and what with various versions of Skyrim and Fallout clogging my search results, I can't seem to find a lot on collision generation for Oblivion meshes anymore.


Can anyone describe for me exactly how to generate the static mopp collision I'm trying to get using the original uppersilvercarafe01.nif file imported into Blender? Do I need to go back to a previous version of Blender to make this easier?



EDIT: I FINALLY figured out that it was because I was using the Viewport setting for wiremesh instead of bounds. Still not sure why that should have been an issue, but I'm good now.

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