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[SSE] Perk Trees for Standing Stones


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I've saw the "Subclasses of Skyrim" mod by Darenii and i wonder if instead of getting subclasses right of the bat, each Standing stone having a perk tree instead, like the Warrior Stone having warrior related perks and the Ritual Stone having necromantic perks and so on, making standing stones be crucial in specific builds

This would also make the Aetherium Crown be THE artifact, since the player would get two perk trees instead of one, making the builds more worth and powerful


But i don't know how complex it would be to implement such thing as "disabling and entire perk tree" since i only know how to mess up a bit with SSE and i don't know if the CSF is capable of such complex gimmick.


Also would be amazing to "perkify" unique hidden blessings such as "Agent of Mara" for unique restoration builds or "Ancient Knowledge" for dwemer related builds

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