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installed Vortex and some mods, now BG3 won't open


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Hi all,
First time using NexusMods with Vortex; I went that route because I read some of the mods I wanted to try for BG3 would work better if Vortex installed them.


Well, I went through Vortex, set it up using the tutorial videos, chose about a dozen mods I wanted to try, and then tried to launch my BG3. It loads VERY quickly but then just hits 100% and I get the spinning circle of "still loading" for ever. I waited half an hour, no change...

So, now I can't launch BG3 anymore. I tried using Vortex, I tried using Steam (which worked fine an hour ago), and both give the same results.

How can I fix this? At this point I'm willing to go back to no mods at all if it means I don't lose access to my favorite game.

I just wanted to make my rogue a swashbuckler and pick up a bag of holding, nothing too crazy! Now, I have no game at all. :'(


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You should use the Steam client to validate the game files. It will check to see if you have any game files that are missing and re-install them. That should make the game launchable again. In a worst-case scenario, you may have to uninstall the game, delete its files on your PC, and then do a clean re-install.


It might also be necessary to start a new playthrough. BG3 is not a Bethesda game, but I know from experience with Skyrim, Fallout 4, etc. that mod data is baked into their saved game files. So, when you remove a mod and then try to resume play with an earlier saved game file the game itself might crash.


Did you check to see if a Vortex extension is required to support BG3? For Vortex to work with them properly, some games require extensions. Not all games have the same file structures.


There is a learning curve to using mods, so hang in there.

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