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PS5 Mods (it is possible)


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Good morning, or evening, or afternoon wherever you are. I'm posting this to get help with modding for PS5. I've found a way to allow for certain mods to be transferred to a PS5 save. See my level 45, 44ish feats character in the link below.




I've only been able to get mods that used the "Shared" and SharedDev" folders to work.


The mods specifically being used are "Feat Every Level Up" and "Fast XP" (I raised the level cap to 45)


Here's how:

1. Make sure cross-save is enabled.

2. Make any alterations using appropriate mods on PC

3. Before saving with new changes remove the "Shared" and SharedDev folders

4. Save game.

5. Check PS5 it should work. May need to restart BG3 on PS to get the cloud save to sync


I have been able to get the "All Items" mod to add the items to a PS5 save but the items are bugged and cannot be equipped. (Theres a video uploaded to see that as well.)


Im writing this to show mods can be used on PS5 but more importantly to see if some of you actual creators that know what you're doing can figure a way to get the pak file mods ported over. All saves that contained those type of files just didnt show up on my PS5. Or start making more mods that can be uploaded to PS5...



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I actually went a step further (research purpose offcourse). Through extension what @jaygbc allready shown this works also with other mods. Mainly mods that can add excisting gear/features. Altering gear and other stuff will break the game.

For example you can use Tradewithers mod to get all weapons/gear scrolls etc. (Once he is available).

I also got it to work with extra soulcoins and infernal alloys. I had to buy them though AFTER a long safe at a vendor.

The tutorial chest was bugging and crashing my save so. 

If you for example use the underwear all to +30 stat it won't work. The mod itself can't be transfered to ps5. 

Make sure once you got all the gear/ changes done you have to repeat jay's last step. Open the bgmodinstaller and drag everything to the right --> Safe and export--> delete de Shared folders in data/public and restart the game "modless". You get a warning with missing mods and game could crash but pay no attention to that. Once in the game save the game again and make sure it's synced. It should work on the ps5.

So at start you can be lvl 12 and after like 15 minutes in the games you can have all the gear / potions etc for the rest of the playthrough (works also in honour mode!!!). 

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