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(Mod Request) Turn Iron Flask or Spell into a Reusable Functional Pokeball


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I was hoping for a mod that could give us a spell or item summon that basically recreates the effect of the Iron Flask but as a reusable storage device for the monster of your choice.


I have mashed together some mods to let me play as a druid with a team of 6 animals/monsters plus myself as the trainer. I focus on healing and support while the "Pokemon" battle.


This sort of works but sometime they choose not to have a turn in combat making me use a mod to give them AI to stop from freezing up.


I also needed another mod to allow me to revive "non allies" in my team.


There is some fun theory crafting and min maxing to be had in team building but its super janky and runs into lots of issues as it is.


Having a team of Worg, Tusk, Crimson, Bear, Chicken, and Bored Ox is a grand time.


Some sort of mod that does an all in one "here is an item to turn Baldur's gate into pokemon"


weird for sure but trust me it has been a blast thus far even with the struggles.


So basically the mod would need

1.An item or spell that allows the capture and release of mounters. Ideally for free without an action.

2.Change party size to allow team of 6

3.Fix Ai to allow being added to turn rotation or not turn hostile when attacking the same "faction"

4. Allow the player to revive the monsters

5. Make sure the team fast travels with "leader"

6.Limit capture possibility to monsters/animals/creatures. No humanoids. "Think can this have dialogue without a spell" No ogres, goblins, demons, humanoids, etc.

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