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Tutorial Delta Squad Appearances?


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For my own satisfaction and, I am attempting an EU+DLC playthrough by recreating the characters from the Tutorial mission as a revised kind of canon beginning, assuming medical care arrived just in time and they all got patched up! :P


In the games log files [Documents\My Games\XCOM - Enemy Unknown\XComGame\Logs] I can find the Race, Head, Hair, and Voice that the game loads for each of the characters (names are random but their appearances are always the same).


But I cannot tell what skin colors and hair colors have been selected. I can make guesses, but there has to be a way to find for sure.


I cannot find the .upk file that dictates how the game forces all of the Tutorial character appearance characteristics.


As another option, from this site I have learned to decompress and DeserializeAll the Startup.upk file, where I have found the UnitPalettes detailing the skin and hair colors, thinking I could make changes to them to verify the settings are what I think they are, but I do not know how to edit them by developing a mod for PatcherGUI.

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