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EU DLC Armor Standard Tint bug fix?


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In EU, A soldier can don DLC cosmetic appearance, using spinner selection 0, but the tint does not remain that way. It changes to some other colors after cycling through squadmates.


I know this problem has been corrected in EW, but has there been a solution to correct this in EU? In EW, the spinner setting 0 now reads Standard. And the spinner works properly.


In EU, the tint spinner is a bit wonky around 0. You can click through 31>32>0>1>2 just fine, but going the other way skips 0... 2>1>32>31. This may be related to the bug.

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Actually, Drak's comment from this post 9 years ago was just what I needed.




The tint referred to as Standard in EW that does not hold in EU is the default color for the "Kevlar" armor, which can be found in Soldier_MaleKevlar_SF.upk -> CHH_Lv1MedMale_MOD -> Materials -> MInst_Lv1MedMale1 as CMOD:

LinearColor (R, G, B, A) = (0x3E828455, 0x3E1AAEF6, 0x3D367CD1, 0x3F800000) = (0.254916, 0.151058, 0.0445526, 1)


and CMODB:


LinearColor (R, G, B, A) = (0x3CB45499, 0x3CA32ABC, 0x3B86E0FF, 0x3F800000) = (0.022013, 0.0199178, 0.00411618, 1)


I hex-edited Startup.upk to change the ArmorTint at spinner position 1 (iArmorTint = 0) to become the default kevlar color. So now my Armor Tint Spinner 1 in EU is what Standard is in EW.

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