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Realms of Tokala Allegorical Fantasy Role-playing Game Project, Seeking Volunteers to Join Our Team!


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Hey, everyone! My name is Stephanie Young, and quite a few years agpo, I teamed up with several other members of the game modding community to build a fantasy game, but sadly, I had a lot of strokes due to a rare cerebrovascular diseas, starting in 2016, when most of our volunteer team members quit, . I guess after they got older, they lost interest, but one person stayed behind and is helping me work on what I no longer can. due to what all the strokes I had took ffom me. We are working in the latest Unreal Engine, and since we lost our website a;so, back in 2016, I post weekly prpomotional videos on our Facebook group page, in an attempt to get young people to help us out. Our goup page is here: Project Tokala Group | Facebook

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